Advantages of Studying In International School of Bangkok

Giving your child the best education is the best thing you could ever offer them. And what better way can you do that but by taking them to international school of Bangkok? Today’s generation will be the future leaders. We want our children to be better and active citizens in the world. 

We can set them on the right foot by giving them the opportunity to study in an international school. There are so many advantages of studying in an international school according to makhampom. They include;

Better understanding of the world around them

Since local students can attend international schools, they are exposed to other cultural practices from other students just as those expats children are exposed to a local culture. Such children grow up to appreciate and value the cultures of others and learn how to adjust to such an environment. 

Many extra-curricular activities

International schools in Bangkok value extra-curricular activities as much as they value academics. These activities are part of the international curriculum to help establish a balance in the life of the learner. Not only do such activities make learning fun, they also cultivate discipline and team work. 

Learners enjoy high tech facilities

Most campuses in international schools are designed to provide learners with best learning environments. The classrooms are fitted with cutting edge technologies to improve learning. The sports facilities are also spectacular. Some schools have Olympic sized swimming pools and breathtaking art and music facilities.

Moral values are highly encouraged

International schools are not just about academics also. They know it is their responsibility to produce leaders of the next generation. Therefore, they put an emphasis on the development of great moral traits and values like discipline, empathy and compassion among others.

Practical learning

Students in international schools of Bangkok enjoy educational field trips and engage in community service projects regularly. International school teachers know that the best way to learn is not simply by sitting in the classroom, that is why they promote practical learning. A learner is able to retain more and longer through practicing what they are actually being taught. They are also able to get hands on experience about what they are being taught.

If you are looking for the international school in Bangkok, KIS International School is an International Baccalaureate world school in Bangkok, Thailand. KIS stands for 'Knowledge Inspiration Spirit'. It is located in Huai Khwang District, Bangkok, Thailand.