Looking for an International School in Bangkok? What to Look for

When searching for the best international schools in Bangkok, you have probably noticed thousands of reputable schools in this City. You may have also noticed that parents have a positive opinion of each school.

However, no two international schools are created equal. While one might be ideal for some students, it might not suit your child's unique needs. That's why you should take your time to check different schools before transferring your child.

Makhampom Theater Group shares valuable tips to help you find the best Bangkok international schools. 

Do Your Research

A simple search for top international schools in Bangkok will return thousands of hits. So, it would help if you narrowed your options to find the right school for your child. To do that, you should check what other parents say about the school you have in mind online. You can also request testimonials and recommendations from parents who have enrolled their children in that school.

Check the Performance

Now that you have a list of top schools to consider, it's time to focus on the details. An excellent place to start will be to check the performance of the schools you are considering. The goal is to find international schools known for producing top students yearly. You can learn more about the performance of the school you are considering on their website. Alternatively, check online review guides that rate international schools in Bangkok.

Look at the Facilities

By now, you already have a shorter list to focus on. You can narrow down your list further by checking the facilities and resources in each school. Studies show that schools with state-of-the-art resources and facilities tend to outperform schools with inadequate resources. So, it's only wise to pick a school with adequate facilities to support your child's education. Above all, choose a school that caters to your child's individual needs. For instance, select a school with special needs facilities if your child requires special care.


To find the right school for a child's needs, you must pay attention to the facilities, performance, and reputation.