What is a Penthouse? How is it Different from Other Properties?

A penthouse is a luxury room located on the top floor of a high-end apartment or condo. It is the room with the most beautiful view of the building. Many people may have heard the name but don't know what a penthouse actually is. What are the details you should know and how is it different from other properties?


Penthouses generally have a usable area of 300 square meters or more. It is a large room that occupies almost the entire floor or more than one floor. Within the room there are clear separations such as a kitchen, bedroom, office, and living room. There is also a large balcony and there may be a swimming pool within the room. There are complete amenities that cannot be found anywhere else. But the trade-off is that penthouses are usually more expensive than other properties and cannot be reserved in advance.


With these special features, penthouses are popular with many people who dream of having a private room and lots of usable space but don't want to buy a single-family home. Living in a condo or apartment on the top floor is therefore the most suitable option.


Advantages of penthouses that are different from other properties

1. There is a spacious area like being in a single house because the usable area of the penthouse is up to 300 square meters, almost the entire floor making you feel like you are in a single house. You will feel airy and comfortable, not uncomfortable.

2. There is privacy because the entire floor will have only your room. No problem of noise from surrounding rooms or if it is a single house, you may hear noise from cars driving by or noise from the house next door. There is also a private elevator that will take you directly to your room without having to share it with anyone else.

3. A panoramic view that cannot be found in any other property because the penthouse is on the top floor of the building and almost the entire floor is yours alone, allowing for an unobstructed view of the surrounding area.


Penthouses are usually located in prime locations that are surrounded by many amenities such as shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants, electric trains, and the advantages that we have summarized above make penthouses very popular, but Exchanged with a relatively high price. If anyone is interested in penthouses in Bangkok and other areas, you can find them at https://bangkokresidential.com/